Manifesto for Waluigile Software Development

We are uncovering stranger ways of developing
software by getting weird about it and
helping others get weird about it.
Through this work we have come to value:

Flamboyant Victory Celebrations over processes and tools
Posing With Roses In Our Teeth over comprehensive documentation
Tweaking Our Moustaches And Strutting Like A Boss over contract negotiation
Shouting 'Wah' And Doing The Same Things Again over following a plan

That is, we are bored by the items on the right
and want to do the items on the left.

© 2024, the authors.
this declaration may be freely copied in any form,
but only if you send a picture of yourself
gloating in victory and celebrating with
a rose in your hands or teeth to the author

Thirteen Principles of Waluigile Software

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